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A 360 booth provides an immersive and interactive experience for your guests. It allows them to step inside and become part of the action, capturing moments from every angle. This creates a unique and engaging experience that stands out from traditional photo booths.


With its ability to capture 360-degree videos or GIFs, a 360 booth creates unforgettable memories. Guests can let their creativity soar, express themselves freely, and have fun while being recorded in a dynamic and captivating format. These memories will be cherished long after the event.


A 360 booth offers a wide range of personalisation options to match your event theme or branding. From customised props to digital overlays and branding elements, you can tailor the booth’s appearance to create a cohesive and branded experience for your guests.


In the era of social media, a 360 booth provides instant sharing capabilities. Guests can easily share their 360 videos directly from the booth to their social media accounts, allowing them to instantly showcase their experience and generate buzz around your event.


One of the key advantages of a 360 booth is the ability for guests to download their videos on the spot. Whether through QR codes or Airdrop, guests can conveniently access their creations and have them readily available for sharing or preserving as keepsakes.


A 360 booth is highly versatile and suitable for all types of events, regardless of size or occasion. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, birthday party, trade show, or any other special gathering, a 360 booth adds a touch of excitement and entertainment that appeals to guests of all ages.


The interactive nature of a 360 booth encourages guests to participate actively. It becomes a focal point at your event, drawing people in and creating a lively atmosphere. The booth serves as a conversation starter and keeps guests entertained throughout the event.

A 360 booth can be a powerful branding and marketing tool. You can incorporate your company logo, event hashtags, or promotional messages into the booth’s interface or digital overlays. This enhances brand visibility and creates opportunities for social media amplification.

Here at No Filter Photo Booth, we handle all the setup, operation, and dismantling of the booth, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event. Trained staff members ensure a seamless experience for your guests, providing guidance and assistance throughout the process.


The memories and experiences created with a 360 booth will have a lasting impact on your guests. They will associate your event with a fun and memorable time, leaving a positive impression that can extend beyond the event itself.

What's included

Our Inclusions

We think it’s a great idea to give your guests the chance to snap photos and capture all the fun at any corporate event! So why not let them take as many pictures as they want and make some awesome memories? After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Leave everything from delivery, set up, removal and supervision to us! It’s YOUR event, and your only job should be having fun and letting loose. Hire time is purely dedicated to you and your guests to use our glamourous photo booth – not watching us set up!

We’re set up in 30 minutes and packed down in 20 minutes!

We have our very own 360 booth expert at every event! They’re there to keep everything running smoothly and make sure that guests are having fun.


Get a personalised overlay design for your 360 Booth videos. We can incorporate your logo or any other graphics to make your videos stand out.


You have the freedom to select any song that you’d like to play in the background of your 360 Booth videos. Feel free to choose a tune that you think perfectly matches the vibe of your event or just something that gets you grooving!

Our team of enthusiastic 360 Booth attendants are available to help you capture and download your videos, so you can relive those special moments over and over again. Don’t hesitate to ask for their assistance, they’re more than happy to help!

We’re thrilled to offer your guests a convenient way to access their 360 videos with just a scan of a QR code or a quick tap on their phones via airdrop or SMS. This nifty feature makes it easy for our guests to share their videos on social media and relive their awesome moments with friends and family.

After your event, we’ll make sure to provide you with a complete online gallery. You and loved ones can access all 360 videos anytime, anywhere!

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Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

A 360 photo booth is a slow motion 360 video booth that takes 120 frames per second through a rotating camera set-up. These videos are great ways to entertain event guests with fun and trendy moments to share and upload to social media.


Whether you’re looking for a fun way to capture your friends and family having fun at your event, or impress business clients, our 360 Video Booth is available for Hire in Sydney all year long. It is a unique experience that encircles your guests in a fully immersive video experience that they’ll be talking about for months to come!

We’ve made it easy for anyone to hire our 360 Video Booth for your event. Just fill in our contact form or call us up to book your date, and we’ll bring along our amazing team and video equipment so you can start partying as soon as we arrive!

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing people let loose, have fun, and make memories at events with our spinning booth and dancing the night away.

That’s where NoFilter 360 Video Booth comes in! Our 360 spinning booth is an innovative experience of taking videos while your guests stand on an elevated platform, it captures a 360 video from all angles, thus the 360 spin!

Our platform can accommodate up to 4-6 people. Our high-quality camera will rotate at high speeds 360 degrees around your guests. You can design unique overlay, advertise your company logo, and give your guests a video to remember!.

Give us your best dance moves or strike a pose, and our 360 video will instantly capture and save your best moves. With the help of our 360 video online gallery hosting, your video clip will be available for you to watch, download and share on social media during and after the event.

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Glam Photo Booth
Capture your greatest moments in true celebrity style with our spectacular photo booth! It's the most sought after fixture for party-lovers and selfie-obsessed alike. With sleek design and high-tech functionality, you can now glow like a Kardashian and be the envy of all your friends. Book now, and bask in the glowing glow of your inner star power!
360 Video Booth
If you're looking to add some extra entertainment to your next event or celebration, look no further than a 360 booth! These innovative photo booths have taken the event world by storm and are perfect for a wide range of occasions, from weddings and graduations to corporate events and birthday parties. With their unique 360-degree design, these booths offer a truly immersive experience that guests won't soon forget.
Social Booth
A social photo booth is a fun and affordable way to capture special moments. With easy-to-use features and playful accessories, it offers entertainment for your guests while creating lasting memories. What's more, digital downloads are available on the spot for quick sharing.
Event Content Creation
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Audio Guestbook
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Client Feedback

Bella I. 21st Birthday

I booked No Filter Photo Booth for my 21st Birthday and all I can say was wow!! Both my guest and myself fell in love with it I have had other photos done from other photo booth places but the quality of the ones i received from the "Kardashian Photo Booth" was unreal and does not compare to other places. The team are really friendly also and super helpful the only regret I have was not booking them for longer. Could not recommend them enough!! Thank you girls again for being apart of my special night can't wait to book you in for my next event x!"

Ehmwee L. Birthday Party

The most incredible 360 Booth in Sydney! It was a total hit at my birthday party! I loved that it was much bigger than the ones I've seen at weddings, I was able to fit 5-6 people on it. The videos were so clear and they even designed my own logo to put on the videos and let me choose music. Sophie and Rosa were so easy to work with from initial enquiry to the day of my party. I was even able to download the videos right after using the booth - so easy! Cannot recommend them enough.

Yostina N. Wedding

I am so happy to have chosen you. You are the best in the business and my guests had so much fun using your Photo Booth, particularly with the audio guest book, I am so lucky to have you introduce this at my wedding, it is the best thing ever, I have loved hearing all my guests leaving their audio messages. It's perfect as you can always relive the moment and remember the laughs and messages you hear from your guests.

Events by Michael Christmas Party

... with short notice and keeping the crowd entertained and comfortable in front of the camera... when I looked over there was a bunch of smiling faces including both of you ladies, and such an ease of use... an event is not one person bringing it all together it’s all of the vendors and suppliers coming together as a team, so thank you for being a great part of my team. Can’t wait for the next one!

Stephanie D. Christmas Party

It was the best decision ever - spending quality family time together and having the girls capturing the best moments meant the world to us. We will forever cherish the memories with the digital + photo prints. Their service was outstanding, they made sure every photo we took was perfect. It was such a fun time!

Cindy K. Corporate Event

I will definitley be recommending No Filter Photo Booth to my friends and family. You girls were amazing to work with. Thank you for making the process so easy, and responding to my late night emails when the event was coming up. My team kept telling me they were so glad we booked you in - it made our event so much more fun.

Jennifer T. Wedding

The No Filter Photobooth was a massive hit on my wedding day! Everyone was loving the Kim K Hollywood filter! Thankyou tothe girls at NFPB for looking after the guests and keeping a collection for me at the end of the night. Highly recommend and would absolutely book these NFPB again!

Amanda T. Wedding

Me and my guests loved No Filter Photo Booth's 360 Booth. We had so much fun, the quality was amazing and the girls took care of everything so I didn't need to worry about anything at my wedding.