Terms & Conditions


Prices are subject to change, please check before booking for most updated prices. The hirer is agreeing to the Terms & Conditions if they pay any, or the complete amount, of the invoice. 


$300 non-refundable deposit, deducted from the total invoice, is required to secure the event time and date. Until this deposit is received, the date cannot be secured and confirmed. The remaining balance must be paid by the hirer to No Filter Photo Booth at least 14 days prior to the event. We will notify clients of when this payment is due. 


If booked within 7 days of the event, a non-refundable full payment must be received at least 48 hours before the booking. 


A travel surcharge may apply to events far from the Sydney Metro area. An idle fee may apply for extensive waiting periods. Certain dates may be subject to an additional surcharge such as public holidays or holiday periods. All packages with 1 pose per print selected will incur a fee. 


Late payments exceeding 30 days from the event will incur late payment fees of $100 per month until the invoice is paid. 


Props (if used) must be in 100% condition by the end of the event, otherwise a charge may apply.



Prices exclude GST unless otherwise stated. 


Public Holiday and Holiday Period Surcharge

During the period of 24th December to 2nd January, all events which are booked during this time will incur a 10% surcharge. All events booked on NSW Public Holidays will also incur a 10% surcharge. 



All deposits are non-refundable. If the hirer cancels within 30 days prior to the event date the deposit can be held in lieu for a future booking. Prior notice is required for any changes to the time, location and date of the event. No Filter Photo Booth cannot be held accountable for unforeseen delays at the event venue. 


For any cancellations or postponed events associated with COVID-19, please visit our ‘COVID-19’ site page for further information. 



No Filter Photo Booth will not sell your details to any third party and will take reasonable measures to ensure that your details remain confidential. 


Use of images
When hiring from No Filter Photo Booth, the hirer gives permission for the images taken at the event to be used on No Filter Photo Booth website or social media platforms for marketing purposes – unless advised prior to the event, by the hirer, that they wish for their images to remain private and not used by No Filter Photo Booth for marketing purposes. No Filter Photo Booth will not use images which are deemed unsuitable on their website or social media platforms, and will not use any content which may be personally damaging to any person/s. If the hirer requests to remove our watermark on their final print template they will incur an additional fee to do so. 



We will be required to park our vehicle close to the venue given the nature of our service (heavy, fragile equipment). As such, by booking with No Filter Photo Booth, the hirer agrees to pay for the parking expenses. This is to be:


  • Arranged by the hirer prior to the event, or
  • Paid for by the hirer after the event in the form of reimbursement. 



Hiring and service 

The hiring period booked by the client and agreed upon with No Filter Photo Booth is final. If the client wishes to extend, they may do so on the day under the discretion of No Filter Photo Booth. If they wish to change any times regarding hire, they must finalise these details prior to the event. Set up and removal of the equipment will be free of charge. Time taken to deliver, set up and remove the equipment will remain outside the rental period. The booth attendant/s will aim to arrive 30 minutes – 1 hour prior to the beginning of hire time in order to set up. An earlier set up time can be arranged with No Filter Photo Booth – please note that an idle fee may be applied for set up that is required earlier than 1 hour prior to designated hire start time, regardless of the time guests enter the venue. A trained booth operator will be in supervision of the equipment at all times to ensure smooth operations. The hirer will be liable for any damage caused to the hired equipment within the duration of the hire, as well as during any idle time, set up or removal – if this damage was caused by a member of the event. 


Booth Attendants

We will require crew meals and will advise on how many. If the client is unable to provide these meals, they must inform us so that we can make other arrangements for staff. 


Force majeure

No Filter Photo Booth will not be liable for failing to perform under the Agreement by the occurrence of any event beyond our reasonable control which may include a labour disturbance, internet/electrical outage, service interruption, communication outage failure by a service provided to us to perform, a fire emergency, threatened or actual act of terrorism, natural disaster or war. 

Additional notes

The No Filter Photo Booth operator may stop the service at any time during the event if they believe the equipment (booth, props, additional equipment) is being misused in any way that may be dangerous to any persons or potentially damaging to the equipment. 

The client’s online gallery will remain available on our gallery sharing website for 30 days, No Filter Photo Booth will contact the client with specific details to access their online gallery. The client’s digital photos will be available for download during this time period. The website will automatically remove the album after the 30 day period, therefore, the client must ensure that they download their digital copies within this time frame. Once they have been removed, the digital pictures cannot be retrieved. 

Any variations to these Terms & Conditions must be agreed to in writing by No Filter Photo Booth.